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60T/D Rice Mill Plant

This 60T/D complete rice mill plant is a continuous rice production line, it contains dust catcher, rice cleaning, rice destoner machine, rice huller, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice polisher, rice grader machine. and for the rice color sorter machine, rice polisher machine, rice package machine, customers can choose to use according to real situation.

60T/D Rice Mill Plant Introduction

This 60T/D complete rice mill plant is a continuous rice production line, it contains a dust catcher, rice cleaning, rice destoner machine, rice huller, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice polisher, and rice grader machine. and for the rice color sorter machine, rice polisher machine, and rice package machine, customers can choose to use according to real situations.

And for this large-capacity rice mill production line, better users can take the paddy rice materials pit or use a rice storage tank which can keep the materials safety and long time. For this full-set rice mill production line, need to build the working platform and also the operating panel, we can send technical workers fo to help customers install the whole production line and guide how to maintain the machines.  

We can provide customers with a full set of complete rice mill plants with daily production of 50-100 tons according to customers' needs, and all our rice mill production lines, we set with the operating panel to make the machine fully automatic work, very convenient, save much labor and time.  


60T/D Complete Rice Mill Plant Working Process 

The 60T/D complete rice mill machinery can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process at the following flow chart: Raw material feeding-Vibrated cleaner & Destoner → Rice Husker→Paddy Rice Separator → Rice Mill →Rice Polisher → Rice Grader→ Rice Color Sorter → Packing, Then the rice can be on market for sale.


60T/D Rice Mill Plant Features

1. This rice mill plant can be used to process both long-grain rice and short-grain rice(round rice), suitable to produce both white rice and parboiled rice, high output rate, and low broken rate;

2. This line is combined with bucket elevators, vibration cleaners, de-stoner, huskers, paddy separators, and dust removal, it is practical and eco-friendly;

3. This line will bring high-precision rice, suitable for commercial rice business;

4. It is a good performance of impurities and stone removal.

5. All spare parts are made of high-quality materials, durable and reliable;

6. The complete set of equipment arrangements is compact and reasonable. It's convenient to operate and maintain, saving workshop space;

7. The rice color sorting machine and packing machine are optional.