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40T/D Rice Mill Plant

This 40T/D complete rice mill plant is a continuous rice mill production line, it contains rice cleaner, rice destoner machine, rice huller, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice color sorter machine and rice grader machine. If your rice polisher machine and rice package machine, it is all custome according to your need.

40T/D Rice Mill Plant Introduction

This 40 complete rice mill plant is a continuous production line, it contains rice cleaner, rice destoner machine, rice huller, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice color sorter machine, and rice grader machine. If your rice polisher machine and rice package machine, it is all custom according to your need.

About the rice color sorter machine, the customer said there is some black rice inside so he wants to use the rice color sorter machine to separate the final products, high technical machines. It has advanced technical skills, a compact structure, and high outlet advantages. It is an ideal choice for the medium grain processing enterprise.

40T/D Rice Milling Process Flow Chart

The 40T/D complete rice mill project can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process at the following flow chart: Raw material feeding-Vibrated cleaner & Destoner → Rice Husker→Paddy Rice Separator → Rice Mill →Rice Polisher → Rice Grader→ Rice Color Sorter → Packing, Then the rice can be on market for sale.


40T/D Rice Mill Plant Advantages

1. This 40ton-per-day rice mill plant is a modern design rice milling production line, that uses new technology for machine manufacture, improved processing materials, high working efficiency to make high milled rice rate, less broken rate, high capacity to avoid the rice waste, stable working performance, easy to operate and maintain.

2. This model rice milling machine is designed with one general control box, users can operate the machine's work by operating the control box inside buttons is ok, very easy, and convenient.

3. For this model machine details is flexible, for some parts can be customized according to the client's needs.

4. And all our rice processing machines included in the rice mill plant, we use roasting painting, which can promise environmentally friendly, and also can promise machines are not easy painting broken during delivery and use.

5. This rice mill machine can be designed according to the client's factory site, and also for the working platform, we can design for clients.

6. Whole set rice mill plant is automatically working, one or two workers can operate the whole line.

7. Can do 24-hour continuing work, high working efficiency.

8. All rice processing machines can be customized.