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Rice Color Sorter

For the rice color sorter machine can deal with various kinds of materials, like the rice, beans, coffee beans, salt, garlic, sugar, sesame, grains and also the plastic materials, can work with high percision, with control panel to operate the machine work, convenient and good use, for the color sorter machine capacity can be customized according to your requirements.

Rice Color Sorter Introduction

This rice color sorter also called a rice sorting machine, identifies, selects, and purifies rice by using the difference in the color of the surface of the rice grains. It is a high-precision technology of light collection, machine, and electricity integration equipment. Its photoelectric test identification, color difference detection, and gas jet rejection are fully computer controlled. The color sorter has high precision and good reliability. It is very popular and used in rice processing plants.

The rice color sorter uses a CCD camera with our import system and also engineers with high technical skills, with high working efficiency. For the color sorter machine can deal with various kinds of grains like rice, corn, wheat, coffee beans, garlic, and others, also can separate the stones or the plastic and can be used in many areas, like the rice processing production line, the plastic making line, the medical line and also the chemical area, very good working. 

And for the rice sorting machine, we have a colorful color model and a black-white color model according to the client's different materials. Besides the rice, also can deal with different kinds of grains, tea leaves, plastic, stones, also like garlic, and something like this, good work, and high technical skills, and use in the rice mill production line can make the final white with a higher standard less impurities.

In the rice production line, the color sorting machine is the process of processing polished rice, which is generally placed after the polishing machine and white rice grading in the rice process.

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CCD Color Sorter Features

1. Camera: use high standards to promise high-precision work
International well-known brand customized lens, high-speed of scanning, the highest resolution comes to 0.02 mm2

2. High-frequency Solenoid Valve: leading in China
High working efficiency and high quality and high precision solenoid valve, with the consistency of near zero error, service life more than 1 billion times.

3. Intelligent Image Processing Algorithm
The combination of colors and shapes of intelligent algorithms, and precise professional sorting solutions.

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CCD Cereals Color Sorter Application

Our rice color sorter machine is a professional machine used for separating the different colors of impurity from the materials to make high-quality and high-purity products. 

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Rice Color Sorter Machine Technical Parameter

For the rice color sorter machine, we have different models with different capacities to be suitable for different clients' needs, also if clients have special requirements for the machines, we can customize them for you.

Sorting accuracy Rejection rateWeight